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Tag: [Pre-Sprint 2] The Storm That Wasn’t

  • Pre-Sprint 2: Retrospective

    tr It’s official: progress continues to be made! These additional stickies are proof. Highlights Even more coding! I had promised myself that I wouldn’t harp too much on the actual coding – mostly out of fear of burnout while I’m in this weird limbo stage. Still, I got a lot of good work done, including dialog boxes,…

  • Pre-Sprint 2 Planning: The Storm That Wasn’t

    Pre-Sprint 2: The Storm that Wasn’t The Pacific Northwest is fairly sheltered as far as weather goes. We get a lot of overcast days and rain, and sure, one day a giant earthquake will kill us all, but we’re spared the blizzards and hurricanes and tornadoes and everything else. It’s typically very quiet here. That’s why…