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Tag: [Pre-Sprint 3] Better Late Than Never

  • Pre-Sprint 3: Retrospective

    I’ll probably mix the format of this up from time to time, especially as I’m still firmly in the “pre-game” of sprint planning. So, let’s do this thing! Overview Sprint went well. Did a little bit of everything, from coding to design to art to my business itself. As I’ve said twice already these “pre-sprints”…

  • Pre-Sprint 3 Planning: Better Late Than Never

    Pre-Sprint 3:¬†Better Late Than Never Truth is, I should have written this 3 days ago. But, uh, better late than never, right? This sprint – pre-sprint, that is to say – is likely to be similar to the past two. So long as I’m chained down my time will be split and my concentration difficult.…