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Tag: [Pre-Sprint 4] I Hate the Seahawks

  • Pre-Sprint 4: Retrospective

    Overview Man, I got a *ton* done this sprint. Lots of dev work. Lots of porting previous prototypes into a more finalized design. Refactoring. A whole bunch! Looking ahead, it seems likely that this sudden increased velocity will continue for a time, but can’t last forever. Still, I’m enjoying it while it lasts Development +…

  • Pre-Sprint 4 Planning: I Really Hate the Seahawks

    Pre-Sprint 4: I Hate the Seahawks I’m from Seattle. I love the footballing Seattle Seahawks. I’m from Seattle. I hate the footballing Seattle Seahawks. Ugh. Anyway. Sprint Goals Public Relations. It is far too early to start any sort of PR campaign – for example, there literally is no game to advertise yet. I’m also an…