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Development Diary: New Interiors, Dog Whistles, and the Moon Man

A roundup of screenshots from the last week’s worth of work.

Experimenting with a prototype for placing furniture in your home. There’s going to be a lot of options for furniture and other customization in the final game, though for now it’s all pretty basic[​IMG]
The above shot also shows off the new interior tileset. I like it a lot!

[​IMG] [​IMG]
Speaking of prototypes, here’s another experiment with a system for issuing commands to your faithful pup. Someone on the #indiedevhour suggested some sort of whistling mechanic, and to me that meant something akin to the Ocarina from OoT. It’s meant to be much quicker and has far less options than most Zelda instruments!

…and here’s a tragic bug from that same testing. Poor little guy

I’d say I have about 1/3rd of the villagers at least roughly implemented – there’s going to be 36 in total. However, beyond the 36 permanent residents there are also going to be plenty of ‘visitors’, like this guy. Visitors are not permanent and only show up during special times, like holidays, events, and other unique times

As you can see, this guy doesn’t even speak your language, which does make things tricky​






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