Josh Bossie

The driftwood will remind him about eternity

New Patch: Early Access v0.81.1

Hello Villagers!

This is a small release that fixes a number of bugs reported in v0.81. As always, thank you to everyone who reported bugs on Twitter, email and Discord!

Additions & Changes

  • Fixed major crash related to gardening after the 1st year
  • Fixed major crash related to the weather forecast during the winter and spring
  • Fixed rare crash when a monster didn’t have appropriate dialogue for a situation (eg., a mind reading effect)
  • Finally, finally fixed all instances of traps giving duplicate prizes. This time it was when you had no more traps to restock it with
  • Fixed opacity issue with armed traps
  • Fixed missing UI / lighting in Firetree Forest
  • Fixed Stapes only ever having one thing to talk about
  • Fixed weird tile issues in Balefire Beach
  • Fixed typos and formatting issues in Vara’s speech
  • Fixed resolution issues (especially full screen) on certain displays
  • Adjust color of the autumn tileset






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