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Sprint 1 – Here We Go! – Retrospective


Week of January 15th, 2017


My first sprint is over, and I think I can with a straight face that it was a resounding success.

I got a ton done! Given that I now have 8+ hours a day to work on this project instead of ~2-3 then I guess I better have, but still, it was really nice to see come true.

Working from home and being my own boss is cool. And hard. Each morning I try to get up and get dressed as if I’m going to a real job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wearing a tie or anything, but I do wear shoes and a nice(ish) pair of pants and shirt and the like. My chair is not nearly as ergonomic as my previous work chair, but then again this cost $10 at Goodwill and not $1,000 from an office supply store.

It’s working for me.

Anyway, let’s move onto the highlights and lowlights


  • The game looks and feels and plays nothing like it did before – and that’s good! The whole project was ripped open, rebuilt, polished, and put back together
  • I have entire systems working now, such as bug catching, interior transition, creature interaction, notifications, and more
  • I got way more art done than expected, and ended up replacing every piece of placeholder art with my own stuff
    • Everything is still WIP, but it’s also much, much closer in style and tone to the final product
  • I have a much deeper understanding of GML in general, but also specifically the powers of scripting
  • Everything went really great and I sincerely had a blast doing this all week. I am so genuinely happy about what I’m doing


  • I tried working in the city for one of the days and it was a real drag. Really hard to concentrate and I felt a lot more aimless than I did at home
  • I’ve run into a couple bugs that were clearly from my own lack of expertise as a developer, and that’s bummed me out
  • For as much as I got done, I do wish I got even more. I feel like I met my expectations for what I thought I could do, but I want to be at the stage where I am suprassing them. I need to be efficient in time and money







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