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Sprint 3 – The Emerald City – Retrospective


Week of January 29th, 2017


This week had some of the highest highs as well as some of the lowest lows.

On Tuesday I had perhaps my most productive day so far on the technical front, and on Friday I finally reached the summit of Mt. Dialog and implemented that system I had put off for so long.

But I also spun my wheels a lot. Some days I’d look up and realized that hours had passed without much to show for it.

This coming sprint ends on a full moon – and with that, a new release. I’m hoping that such a big occasion helps clarify my focus and productivity…if only to avoid being embarrassed by what I eventually put out there for folks to try


  • Solved a nasty FPS drop that was being caused by Vsync. Weird, right?
  • Accomplished a huge goal by designing and finishing a new dialog system
  • Experimented with some ideas related to diversions (like claw machines)
  • Implemented some feedback to reduce clock size, fixed up dog animations, and more
  • Bought a harmonica! More on that later…
  • Fixed our vacuum by splicing together a new plug – hey, it counts!!
  • Started adding layers of ‘flavor’ in the form of random birds that fly by
  • A lot of major and much-needed refactoring & improvements to the inventory, clock, and popup notice systems
  • Created a proof a concept for world map viewing, panning, and zooming


  • More than a few wasted days
  • Refactoring is pleasing from a problem solving standpoint, but I’m not exactly moving ‘forward’ when I do it. I should try to minimize the amount of rework to systems I’m doing







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