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Pre-Sprint 1: Retrospective


It’s official: progress has been made! These bunch of stickies are proof.


  • Actual work on the game – wow! Real coding! Real design! It’s like I’m really developing a video game
  • Fixed a laptop. The prospect of drastically reduced paychecks has incentivize me to fix and maintain old hardware instead of ogling new hardware. I fixed up one laptop and now have 3 in total
  • Tons of design. Lots was done on the design part of the game, including a design document
  • Lessons Learned documentation. I’ve watched a lot of Shenmue 1 & 2 let’s play videos, and it’s not just for fun. I developed a system for taking notes and analyzing a game for what to do (and not to do) with my own game. I’m calling it ‘Lessons Learned’
  • Implemented several helper libraries. Used Tiled, imported a map, attached a camera to a sprite, and animated it. I love love2d


  • Not as much work as I could have done given my free time.
  • A big issue was concentration. This is going to be a big issue as this progresses, as I’ll need to be able to focus and concentrate to be successful


No shareable demo yet, and likely not for awhile, but here’s a GIF of my ‘progress’


An impressive amount of bugs:lines of code, if I do say so myself





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