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Village Monsters gets a new Demo!

muddy footprints~

Holy smokes, it’s the first new demo since January!

You can download the demo from Itch.ioIt’s free and available to everyone – you don’t even need an account.

As with past demos it’s limited to three in-game days (about one hour) and there’s the usual caveats of any pre-release demo – expect bugs, placeholder assets, and some missing features. Still, this is the most finished demo yet, so I do hope people enjoy it.

New to this release is a Discord server for posting feedback and bug reports. You can still leave comments or send emails, but I had several folks tell me Discord is a lot easier for this kind of thing.

Have fun!






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  1. Mari Avatar

    I love the new demo! I just wish there wasn’t a three in-game day limit since there’s so much to do! I’ve been waiting for a new game to play since both Animal Crossing and Stardew are my two favorite games of all time.

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