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Building a Village, 07/11/2018 – Invading Privacy

Hello Villagers!

Welcome to another (slightly late) weekly developer diary of Village Monsters! 

Another productive week is under the belt and we’ve had so many of those in a row that our stomach is full to bursting. I let that analogy get away from me, so let’s cover our losses and proceed with the update!

New New You

If it feels like I’m making changes to the player sprite each week then that’s because I am.

After some feedback on my previous update I’ve made some changes to the head and eyes. I’m slowly inching toward a final sprite ‘template’ which’ll allow me to create even more variations (so you can pick your gender, skin color, hair, etc.)

Villager Journals

You like invading people’s privacy, right? Of course! We all do. That’s why I’m giving each villager a journal for you to secretly read when they’re not looking.

Some journals may be very well hidden, or in rooms that you won’t have access to right away. Be ever vigilant, you nosy parkers!

Movement Changes

I’ve made the following changes to movement. Overall the goal was to make things feel better – in this case “better” means easier and more precise.

  • Default movement is now faster
  • Sprint is now a toggle (will be an option in final version)
  • When using  gamepad, tilting the stick partway will result in walking
    • Tilting all the way transitions to run automatically
    • You can walk via the keyboard by holding Control

Helpful Helper Icons

I spent a lot of time coming up with little icons for each interaction. Unfortunately for me, I later realized I hated them all and they weren’t very helpful.

They’ve been replaced by much more helpful button icons which tell you what you need to press. The helper text remains unchanged.






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