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Sprint 2 – Onward, to Glory! – Retrospective


Week of January 22nd, 2017


Another week in the books, and another good one at that.

This week was that of systems. The biggest – by far – was the enabling of the day/night cycle and related systems surrounding it. Slowly but surely this virtual world is waking up and becoming real. Soon it will grow far beyond my control, and I am very much looking forward to that!

The only thing I’m bummed about is this feeling of leaving money on the table – not actual money, of course, but rather the feeling that my time could have been spent better. I have a feeling that’s going to be a common thought as I grind through this new life of mine. I could always be doing more, always be doing better.

Well, I can at least always try.


  • It cannot be understated how important getting a day/night system up and running was. I am so excited for what’s to come
  • I finished my first lore piece that details the history of a fictional (?) game company creating a fictional (?) game. Expect many more of these as development continues, though their content and style will vary wildly
  • I settled on a new possible game title through sheer coincidence. By simply reversing the original “Monster Village” I have stumbled upon the much better – and likely final – Village Monsters
  • I have begun – in earnest – to work through HeartBeast’s wonderful tutorials
  • Several new villagers have been thought out, written down, and constructed
  • The player has been shaven and then, paradoxially, received a stubbled beard in its place


  • I’m a 29 year old man and my days are still being derailed by naps that destroy me. I need to stop!
  • I had a tough day on Friday and it impacted me more than it should have







2 responses to “Sprint 2 – Onward, to Glory! – Retrospective”

  1. Feiya Wang Avatar
    Feiya Wang

    Don’t forget to create a female player! It might even help to just start doing things using that player instead to make sure no insidious patriarchy issues crop up.

  2. josh Avatar

    Oh, absolutely! My original character was a lady, I just haven’t had the chance to re-create her in my new art style

    Definitely will be coming soon. In terms of player choice you’ll have the full gambit – character models and pronouns can be mixed around to whatever makes sense for a player, and while I have no firm ideas on ‘dating’ quite yet it’ll be total freedom there as well

    Thanks for reading & commenting, Feiya!

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