Village Monsters v1.0 – “The Big One” – is now available!

Hello Humans!

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Village Monsters v1.0 – “The Big One” has launched! It is now available on all platforms.

What’s New?


Story & Progression

The biggest change in v1.0 is the addition of story and progression elements.

You are a human who has arrived at Eidolon Village – a town of monsters – in surprising fashion. Unfortunately for you, humans aren’t welcome in this world anymore.

As you await your fate, you learn that the village has something more important to worry about: it’s scheduled for imminent destruction.

Soon after, your freedom is tied to the fate of Eidolon. The village is given a short two year reprieve, and now it’s up to you – through court-mandated community service – to save the village and win your freedom.

More Stuff

There’s more critters to catch, more fish to hook, more plants to grow, more treasures to discover, new secrets, new perks, new visitors, new events, new areas to explore, more dialogue, more cutscenes, more friends, more enemies.

Chances are, if you liked something about Village Monsters before, there’s even more of it to enjoy now.

Less Stuff…?!

Features and content that weren’t working great in Early Access have been trimmed, simplified, or cut entirely.

Some things may return in future updates – especially the things that were cut recently to avoid further delays.

However, many are consigned forever to oblivion – and good riddance! I think everyone will agree that Village Monsters is a tighter and more complete experience without the extra baggage.

Quality of Life

An endless number of changes have been made to make the game easier, simpler, and more fun to play.

The economy, energy expenditures, passage of time, and more have been tweaked and rebalanced to be smoother.

Many new user interface elements have been added or modified to make things easier. Filters help you manage your inventory better, while new dialogue menu makes interacting with villagers more dynamic.

What’s Next?

First: I’m going to get some rest. It’s been a long week, month, and year. I’m ready to catch my breath.

I then immediately have jury duty to worry about on the 23rd. Seriously. It’s been a weird few weeks, guys.

Please expect a short amount of radio silence from me. I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m just recharging my batteries.

After that, I’ll start on the usual round of bugfixes, quality of life changes, and incorporating your feedback. As always, you can submit feedback in game, send me an email, a Twitter DM, or a Discord message.

I’m gonna level with you: I’ll be spending a good deal of time fixing bugs. My list of “known bugs” is pretty big already, and I only expect it to grow after lots of new people start hammering away at this monstrous release.

I realize that sort of thing isn’t something you should admit, generally speaking. But it’s not like I can hide it. I’ve been more than transparent (for good or ill) about the woes I’ve been dealing with getting this release finished.

Don’t worry, I’m here for the long haul. I got big plans for the future of Village Monsters.

For now: welcome home, humans!

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