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State of the Village, vol. 4 – Backed Up & Running

Hello Villagers! I have mentioned before my terrible luck this past year, especially when it has coincided with Village Monsters stuff. So it wasn’t surprising to me when my entire family came down with the flu the literal day I published the last dev log. 2+ weeks of sickness, including an incredibly grumpy 3 month […]

State of the Village, vol. 3 – Precious Little Sleep

Hello Villagers! Hello again. It’s been a while! If it’s seemed like I dropped off the face of the earth for the last few months… that’s because I did. In fact, I’ve barely left my own living room since May. Long story short, my 2nd son, Arlo, was born on May 17th. In fact, I […]

State of the Village, vol. 2 – Let’s Try This Again

Hello Villagers! Welcome to the 2nd State of the Village update, where I talk about how things are going with Village Monsters, as well as what’s coming next. To summarize the past month: the launch of Village Monsters was a supreme mess, and I’ve been trying to make things right ever since. However, I soon realized that […]

State of the Village, vol. 1 – Let’s Talk Turkey

Hello Villagers! It’s been exactly one week since Village Monsters v1.0 was released. Village Monsters is my first ever creation. I am very proud of the work I did, and the many kind words I’ve received from players has been beyond heartwarming. I have notebooks from back when I was in 1st grade detailing a game where […]

Village Monsters v1.0 – “The Big One” – is now available!

Hello Humans! Sorry to keep you waiting! Village Monsters v1.0 – “The Big One” has launched! It is now available on all platforms. What’s New? Everything! Story & Progression The biggest change in v1.0 is the addition of story and progression elements. You are a human who has arrived at Eidolon Village – a town […]