State of the Village, vol. 2 – Let’s Try This Again

Hello Villagers!

Welcome to the 2nd State of the Village update, where I talk about how things are going with Village Monsters, as well as what’s coming next.

To summarize the past month: the launch of Village Monsters was a supreme mess, and I’ve been trying to make things right ever since.

However, I soon realized that releasing hotfixes every few days wasn’t working – there were simply too many big problems to fix things in piecemeal way.

I needed to change my approach. So I took a step back, regrouped, and began work on a larger, more comprehensive patch.

Village Monsters v1.1, which I’ve been affectionately referring to as the Let’s Try This Again Update, is the result of these efforts.

What’s Coming in v1.1?

First and foremost, v1.1 will fix the multitude of bugs that have been reported since launch. Some of these bugs were preventing entire features from working, so it’s been a real big effort.

Next, I’ve gathered up all your feedback and have incorporated as many suggestions as I could. Expect many new quality of life changes, such as improved gamepad support, more sensible energy and time management, and more.

Finally, a number of last-minute things cut before launch have been re-added back to the game.

In short, Village Monsters v1.1 represents a complete do-over of the previous embarrassing launch.

When is v1.1 Coming?

News regarding Village Monsters v1.1’s launch date will be revealed within the 

next two weeks. Look for an announcement as I get closer to the actual date.

it’s been a messy year. A combination of technical issues, naivety, supremely bad luck, and good ol’ fashion developer incompetence has lead me here.

I can’t redo the terrible first impression I made, but I can make sure to do things the right way going forward.

I hope the results speak for themselves when you play v1.1.

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