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State of the Village, vol. 3 – Precious Little Sleep

Hello Villagers!

Hello again. It’s been a while!

If it’s seemed like I dropped off the face of the earth for the last few months… that’s because I did. In fact, I’ve barely left my own living room since May.

Long story short, my 2nd son, Arlo, was born on May 17th. In fact, I was in the middle of writing a dev diary the exact moment my wife’s water broke.

Note the timestamp. I never did get to sleep that night… nor have I slept since.

Arlo is our 2nd kid, so we had a plan for what ‘paternity leave’ looked like. Or so we thought. I never imagined I’d be gone for months, and I certainly never wanted to disappear altogether.

In truth, this has been a very hard time for my family. I don’t feel comfortable sharing everything, but Arlo has had a heartbreakingly difficult start to his short life. We were in survival mode, and there was no room left for anything else.

I am so incredibly sorry to have been gone for so long. To release Village Monsters in such a sorry state – only to seemingly leave before I finished fixing things – is unacceptable.

However, I had to prioritize my family over everything else.

The good news is that things have finally calmed down, Arlo is happy and healthy, and I’m finally ready to get back to work in earnest.

Thank you so much for bearing with me during these difficult times.

State of v1.1

Work has resumed on v1.1, but it’s going to take some time to ramp back up to full speed and knock off the rust.

I’ve created a new public Trello board after the previous one was eaten by Atlassian. I’ll update this board daily so you can keep track of my progress.

In addition, I’ll be resuming live streams over at my Twitch channel starting next week. Keep an eye out on Twitter for the schedule.

I wish I could provide a more concrete schedule given how long it’s been, but history has shown that’s not wise. I’m bad enough at making plans, but I also have supremely bad luck whenever I commit to something.

If nothing else, I can promise that – barring any unforeseen circumstances – this should be the last son I sire while developing Village Monsters.

Until next time, villagers!






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